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27% of jobs require languages

27% of jobs require languages/El 27% de los puestos de trabajo exigen idiomas

  27% of jobs require languages


English is required in 75% of job vacancies that require languages, followed by French, with 6.84%, and German, with 6.55%, according to Infoempleo.

Language skills are a requirement in 26.64% of skilled employment vacancies, with English being the most demanded language by companies in our country, according to Infoempleo.

Increased worker mobility, globalization of companies and high migration are the factors that have contributed to the gradual increase in demand for language in job vacancies, according to the Infoempleo report.

In relation to this trend, the president of Infoempleo.com, María Benjumea, appreciates that language skill is "an essential part of any professional profile, it is a key differentiator, adds value to the worker and can be key when a company decides to choose between one candidate or another. "

The study also points out that English is present in a total of 74.57% of job vacancies that require their candidates to have language skills, well ahead of French, with 6.84%, and German with 6.55%. For their part, Italian and Portuguese continue being less valued than the previous languages. They show a decline that leaves them each with a stronghold of less than 0.5% in job vacancies that require languages.

Regional languages

In relation to the requirement for regional languages in job vacancies, the Infoempleo report points out the Basque Country and Catalonia as the regions that value local languages skills the most, with 28.8% and 13.2% respectively.

Furthermore, the report shows that Galicia and Valencia have very similar requirements for their regional languages. Galician and Valencian language requirements are present in approximately 10% of job vacancies for each language.